A famous man in history once said, "More money, more problems." While Biggie may have been correct in his one specific instance, we here at Wristband Bros firmly believe that the, "More money" the "less problems" you have. Especially when you're running a charity, clothing line or playing in a band. So we've decided to offer up some quick tips to help grow your merch profits fast.

Here are 3 Tips to Selling More Merch with Wristbands:

1. Free Wristband with any T-shirt!
Offering a wristband for free with the purchase of any t-shirt is a great tactic for selling more shirts. Typically, bands and charities sell wristbands for $5 and t-shirts for $20. Offering a free wristband with all your t-shirt sales saves your customer 5 dollars and he or she now gets two great products. And since you've purchased the wristbands in bulk from us, it's only going to cost you pennies on the dollar to facilitate this new sale! 

2. Bundle!                                                                                                        
Just as Frank from American Pickers does in his negotiations for "rusty gold," you should bundle merch items together. Using the same pricing from Tip 1 (Wristbands $5 and T-shirts $20), you could offer a "T-shirt & Wristband Bundle" for $22. From the end consumer's perspective, they are saving $3 by purchasing both products. This is a great way to up-sell a wristband and spread your message faster and raise your profits quicker.

3. Packs!    
Have multiple wristband designs for sale? Sell them in packs for a discounted price. Sell individual wristbands for $5, but then offer any 2 wristbands for $8 (savings of $2) or any 3 wristbands for $10 (savings of $5). You are guaranteed to sell more wristbands using this strategy.

There are plenty of other sales methods that will help you better sell your products, but few are as effective. If you start with these three you'll be on the right track to that rusty silicone gold!
co-founded Wristband Bros . He has worked with many charities & small businesses to help them make custom wristbands and more for special events. Wristband Bros is a division Merchbro and based in New York, NY.