With the Olympics on the horizon, we've gotten a bunch of Olympic themed requests. We must warn you in advance. We're highly patriotic here at Wristband Bros. We hired one of our people 1000% because he looks somewhat like JFK (with better hair, if you can believe that). So we will only produce wristbands for the following countries: The United States, Canada, England, Jamaica, Finland, Ireland, France, Mexico and Portugal. These are our teams. We all have strong connections to these particular nations. We can't bring ourselves to create enemy propaganda. If you're upset by this, know that we are (not) too.

Here is the one we like most so far. Think you can top it?

Patriotic Silicone Wristband

No? It's too awesome? Too simple in its execution, too elegant in its design? Don't sell yourself short! We think you can do just as well. Visit our humble, passionately crafted and painstakingly assembled website and design a patriotic wristband for yourself right now. Like, this second.

Why are you still here??

PS We'll make wristbands for any country on planet Earth. We ain't crazy.

co-founded Wristband Bros . He has worked with many charities & small businesses to help them make custom wristbands and more for special events. Wristband Bros is a division Merchbro and based in New York, NY.