Our friends at Bacon Addicts are at it again with some awesome bacon related custom wristbands. These super cool wristbands make a great gift for the bacon lover in your family. Or maybe you're the bacon lover in your family, in which case this is an item you needed on your wrist yesterday. Show off your red and white bacon colors loudly and proudly, my friends!

I Heart Bacon wristband from Bacon Addicts at BaconAddicts.com

They've also got one emblazoned with "BaconAddict" that we think is pretty darn cool, too:

Bacon Addicts wristband from BaconAddicts.com

There isn't much better in life than bacon. It's in the Holy American Food Trinity (Bacon, Pizza, and Burgers). Now, we just made that holy food trinity up, but we're pretty darn sure it's accurate!

Merchbro isn't only about custom t-shirts. We've got a pretty awesome custom wristband site, too. Check out Wristband Bros if you need a great, inexpensive custom item for your next event!

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