Happiness Guarantee From Wristband Bros

Wristband Bros knows that your wristband project is important to you. You’re not messing around, and neither are we. If your order contains any of the issues outlined below, it will be eligible for a partial or full refund

Our goal? To ensure you’re happy with your wristbands and, if not, that you’re happy with how the issues are corrected on our end. Because let’s face it – no one’s perfect. But we try our hardest to be.

Print issues that qualify for replacement / refund

  • Wristband color does not reasonably match your digital proof. Screens do display colors differently, so an exact match to your computer screen can not be guaranteed. Wristband Bros uses the Pantone Solid Coated + color book, and will match those shades to within industry standards.
  • Print message does not match digital proof. Your order will be made by machine using a digital art file. If the print does not match the digital proof (ie, misspellings, incorrect artwork, etc), Wristband Bros will replace the product.
  • Material of wristband less than industry standard. If the quality of the silicone rubber in your wristband is not within industry standards (ie, product snaps without significant pulling force, edges are poorly cut, etc), Wristband Bros will replace the product.

If your wristband has any of these rare production problems and you’d like them replaced, please contact us today. You will be asked to submit a photo of the issue. We will review it immediately and replace any orders showing these issues.

Shipment issues that qualify for a full or partial refund

Wristband Bros check out event calendar
  • Your rush order does not arrive by the specified date guaranteed by Wristband Bros. The rush cost for your order will be refunded. You will only be eligible for a full refund of the order if you have selected an event date on the calendar provided by Wristband Bros. Reference the above image.

Please note that not all delivery delays are within our control. If there is an Act of God delay, such as a hurricane or blizzard, or any other issue that slows or delays shipping by DHL, UPS, FEDEX or USPS, Wristband Bros can not be held responsible for the delay. Wristband Bros will ship all orders in the agreed upon time frame. Shipping delays due to weather are rare, but can happen. An order will not be eligible for refund if delayed by the shipper due to weather or other Acts of God.

All orders will require a signature upon delivery. If you will not be available to sign for a package and delivery is missed, Wristband Bros will not be held responsible for the missed deadline. Please monitor your email for tracking information on your package and make all necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth delivery.

If your wristbands are not delivered in the agreed upon timeframe, please contact us today.