JD has all of the answers.

Like many people, we too have a desire to find the answers to all of life’s questions. It’s a daunting mission that will likely never end, but our furry friend JD has made quite the contribution. As it turns out, he is an incredibly smart pup, especially when it comes to the wristband business. In fact, his paws have been hard at work revamping our Help Center to better answer all of our most frequently asked questions. He also surprised us with a few bonus facts below!

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What the heck is Oumuamua?

Oumuamua is the name of the first interstellar object ever to be detected passing through our solar system. It was spotted by observers at Hawaii’s Haleakala Observatory on October 19, 2017. They then named it after the Hawaiian word ʻoumuamua which means “scout.” Some experts have even theorized that it may be an alien probe!

Can you get more vacation days at work if you don’t smoke?

You deserve a little extra time off for not talking any smoke breaks… right!? Well in Japan, somebody agrees with you. Piala Inc is giving non-smoking employees 6 extra vacation days per year.  > Source

And who is this JD character?

He’s a real good pup that is sadly no longer with us. JD was the furry best friend of our two brotherly founders, Sean and Brent. He lived a good long life and is now immortalized as the official Wristband Bros mascot. Here he is in all his glory.

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Negative. We can’t print that.

Negative Key Words

As we continue along our wristband journey, we get more and more requests to add names or logos to our wristbands that we simply cannot do without the brand’s permission because of trademark and copyright laws. The usual suspects involve sports teams and popular brands. In an effort to reduce disappointment, we are tweaking our advertising to ensure that Wristband Bros links do not show when people are looking for wristbands of that nature. We’ve done a little bit of legwork with this, so we figured why not share our broad negative keyword lists with other marketers who could use them? Have at it!


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