Wristband Recycling Now Available!

Wristband Bros recycling image with logo and map of world.

We’re happy to announce our Wristband Recycling Program! Starting today, Wristband Bros is able to accept back unsold, unused or just plain worn out wristbands. When the bands are received, we’ll stock pile them for a bit. Once we’ve got a hefty load, we’ll send the bands off to a recycling facility that specializes in silicone recycling.

The wristband recycling program isn’t exclusive to our customers. If you’re reading this and have an old wristband or three, send them our way!

The Wristband Recycling Program

To recycle your wristbands, please ship them to:

Wristband Bros
ATTN: Recycling
190 Exchange St, Floor 2
Pawtucket, RI 02860

Important note! Please remove any plastic bagging before sending in your items, as plastic will disrupt the recycling process.

Your wristbands will be recycled by a third party partner. The end result of the process will be silicone oil, which is used in lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

The important thing is your wristbands won’t be wasted after you’re done with it!

Tell us more, friend!

Silicone is a synthetic compound commonly made into rubber, oil or caulk. Because of its composition, it requires a special recycling process and can’t be tossed in the normal household bin. There are a handful of facilities that will accept it for processing, but the minimum quantity requirements are too high for most individuals.

We believe we have a duty to offer a way for people to recycle the products we make. Our program provides you with an alternative to throwing your used wristbands in the trash. Simply ship them to us and we’ll do the rest.

And remember – You don’t need to send us just 1 or 2 used bands. Some of our customers order 10,000 bands at a time (you know who you are!). We’ll accept any amount of used or unused product for recycling.