Did we just save the planet?

At the risk of sounding dramatic, we may have just saved the planet. Okay… Well, at the very least we did some good. It was time to finally take care of the stockpile we built up from our Wristband Recycling Program and we were shocked by how many wristbands we had collected!

Over 400,000 wristbands recycled!

3 years after launching our Wristband Recycling Program, we knew the pile in the corner of our office had gotten out of control… But we never imagined this. 2 tons of wristbands were sent to a silicone recycling facility!

On behalf of our planet, thank you to everyone who has sent us their old or unused wristbands for recycling! Without you we couldn’t have made such an impact.

Want to save 15% by recycling?

Recycle wristbands and we’ll send you a code for 15% off!

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