Behind the Bands: Mission 22

In 2013 there was study released by the US Department of Veteran Affairs that revealed that 22 veterans were losing their lives everyday by suicide. As a result of that study, Mission 22 was founded by veterans for veterans.

Their mission: Heal veterans when they need it most — right now.

When a veteran’s tour of duty is over, Mission 22‘s work begins. To accomplish their mission they focus on three pillars: Veterans. Family. Community.

For the veterans specifically, they provide free programs for dealing with the traumas like PTSD.

For families, they work to provide wellness initiatives because healing starts at home.

And for communities, Mission 22 puts on events and challenges for people to raise awareness and support the veterans and their families who sacrificed everything for the life we live today.

To date Mission 22 has helped over 6,000 veterans and their families, and they have provided over $13,000,000 of funding to support programs.

You can support their mission by donating via their website and keep up with their progress on Instagram or Facebook.

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