Add Your Slick Logo To A Custom Wristband

custom logo wristband saying wiseup

If you’ve got a business, then you’ve got a marketing department (and a slick logo). Now sometimes that marketing department is an entire floor in a New York skyscraper. Other times, it’s just you and your dog JD against the world. No matter your company’s size, our custom wristbands can help spread the good word about your business.

And the best part? Our wristbands do it for pennies on the dollar.

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5 Fundraising Ideas On The Cheap

If you’re looking for fundraising ideas for an important cause, you’re not alone. According to Giving USA, America’s charitable donations hit an all time high in 2015:

“Donations from America’s individuals, estates, foundations and corporations reached an estimated $373.25 billion in 2015, setting a record for the second year in a row.”

373 billion. With a B! That’s a whole heck of a lot of money raised. Now, you’re probably not looking to raise a billion dollars. Or even a million dollars, for that matter. And if you are, you should probably skip to the next article. We’re going to focus this post on easy to plan and even easier to execute ideas that will make your fundraiser a giant (relatively speaking, Mr. Warren Buffett) success!

5 Fundraising Ideas That Won’t Drain Your Funds First

5. A Consignment Sale.

used clothes rack at consignment sale (more…)

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