Behind the Bands: The Offline Movement

Behind the Wristbands The Offline Movement

These days technology is everywhere. I’m no mathematician, but it seems like 1 out of every 2 hands has a smartphone in it. They’ve become an important part of life, and rightfully so – we’ve never before had this level of access to information in the palm of our hands. But at times the “ultimate” communication tool seems to hinder social interaction rather than promote it.


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How much did they sell!?

dr evil and livestrong wristbands on top of giraffes

Yes. $100 million dollars selling wristbands, but not just any wristband… The yellow Livestrong band. This is without a doubt the most iconic wristband ever and we owe it credit for putting wristbands on the map as a tool for spreading awareness, empowering advocates and giving fans another way to represent the brands they believe in. (more…)

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