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Reminderband On Performance Enhancing Vegetables

04/09/2015 by
Reminderband tricked out by Wristband Bros to include die cut and multi-colored inks made for Panic At The Disco

What we've got here is a reminderband wristband on PEV's (performance enhancing vegetables). This wristband is die cut on white silicone and ink filled two colors. The font is an old-time circus vintage font and it really stands out. We made this wristband for the band Panic At The Disco and they sold like hot cakes.

Get in touch with us today and we'll turn your reminderband into something truly special.

Rubber Bracelet Size Chart

04/08/2015 by
stick figure confused over custom rubber bracelet size

A common question we get asked around here is, "What size rubber bracelet should I order?" This is an important query, since a bracelet that doesn't fit well doesn't get worn.

The important factor here, of course, is the age group your project plans on targeting. Is this a wristband campaign for middle school aged children or are you targeting NFL football fans?

My point here is, the people matter. So we've put together a rubber bracelet size chart based on age groups in order to better illustrate the proper wristband size for your special circumstance. In general these sizes should be appropriate. If you happen to be ordering wristbands for the Steroid Users Of America or the Butter Is Better Official Fan Group, you may need to adjust upward a peg. And the same goes in the other direction if you're placing an order on behalf of the "I Can Fit Through Tiny Cracks" Facebook Page. A little bit of noggin' power is advised to assure the best results.

Age Group Size (in circumference) of rubber bracelet
Newborn 4.5 inches
3-6 months 5 inches
7-12 months 5.25 inches
12-24 months 5.5 inches
2 years 5.75 inches
3 years 6 inches
4-5 years 6.25 inches
6-7 years 6.5 inches
8-9 years 6.75 inches
10-11 years 7 inches
12-13 years 7.25 inches
14 years 7.5 inches
Youth Adult 7.5 inches
Adult Medium 8 inches
Adult Large 8.25 inches
Adult Extra Large 8.5 inches

If your order is for, let's say, 10-14 year olds, we'd advise ordering the wristbands at the largest applicable size of 7.5 inches. A little big is better than too tight to fit, after all.

Wristband Bros offers four standard sizes. These sizes are Youth (7 inches), Young Adult (7.5 inches), Adult (8 inches) and Large (8.25 inches). However, we can make wristbands in any size if your project fits one of the above age groups very specifically. Just let us know at the time of your order and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Custom Rubber Wristbands With Ribbons? We've Got 'Em.

04/02/2015 by

Wristband Bros can put just about anything on a wristband. If you have a ribbon in mind, no fear. Not only can we put a ribbon like this one on your wristband:

custom pink wristband with ribbon saying Play Pink

But we can literally put any ribbon on your wristband. If you have a specific ribbon you want, simply upload it in our designer while you're checking out and we'll add it to your wristband. If you don't have the file, you could even direct us to where it lives on the internet by putting the website address the ribbon lives on into our design notes section. One of our reps will hunt it down for you, no questions asked.

And don't worry, we'll always provide you with a digital proof of your wristband with the ribbon before production.

Sound easy, great, terrific and borderline crazy-town awesome?

That's because it is.

Our Delivery Deadline Guarantee

04/01/2015 by
custom event wristband with date printed by Wristband Bros

We know your wristband delivery deadlines are important in general. But this goes double for a wristband made specifically for an event. If you have an event deadline in mind, please be sure to let us know at the time of order. If we accept* your event deadline and the wristbands don't make it in time, we'll refund your order.

This guarantee covers most scenarios, but there are some Act of God situations in which this guarantee would not apply. These are things that are out of our control and could not be avoided. Here is the short list:

  • Acts Of God. If UPS, FedEx, USPS or DHL service is effected because of a blizzard or hurricane or other weather event or circumstance and this delays your shipment, Wristband Bros can not be held liable for this delay.
  • If your shipment is attempted for delivery on time and you do not make proper considerations to receive it. All of our deliveries require either your personal autograph or a written note allowing the package to be left at your door. You will be provided with a tracking number via email as soon as the item ships. DHL and UPS will attempt three deliveries in total before designating the package as "pick-up" only. If you're in need of wristbands for an event, it's important to stay on top of your delivery by monitoring your tracking number on or, respectively.

And that's it. In all other circumstances, if one of our reps promise that your wristbands will be delivered in time for an event and they aren't, we'll refund your order.

*Please note that not all event deadlines can be accepted. Our production schedule can vary. If we can not guarantee delivery by a specific date for your order, we will let you know as soon as possible. If you need to know now, just give us a call at 866.428.0095.

Custom Event Wristbands From Wristband Bros

03/30/2015 by
custom event wristband for The Fab made by Wristband Bros

Some people need their lives to be one big sticky note. Problem is, sticky notes just aren't that stylish. So if you want someone to remember the date of your important event, what are you to do?

Order custom event wristbands, obviously. Not only are they a constant wristband reminder for your committed guests, they turn into walking advertisements for your concert, benefit or whatever event you happen to be holding.

Just check out the wristband pictured above. The Fab are playing the 19th and 20th. Who are The Fab? Does it have something to do with The Beatles? These are the types of questions anyone wearing the wristband will get. Turn your customers into promoters, all while simply giving them a nice, small wristband gift.

It's Win City, population you.