So where exactly does the silicone we use to make our custom wristbands come from? Is it the byproduct of lightning, does it fall from the clouds like rain? Does its creation have anything to do with spiders and, if so, can we stop producing silicone and therefore eliminate all spiders?

The answer is far more simple than any of that.

95% of the Earth's silicone is produced in one area on Earth: Sillaconia. If you're looking at a globe, this magical place can be found by spinning the globe twice (as quickly as possible) and then jamming your thumb down into it randomly and with great force. Wherever the globe stops is where Sillaconia is not. So if you'd like to find exactly where it is, keep spinning and jamming until you've stuck every last place on the globe but one. That very last place is where Sillaconia lies.

Quite easy, right?

While you're trying to figure it out, enjoy this message from the local residents of Sillaconia, The Silly Cones:

And if you came to this blog really wondering where silicone came from, we get our supply of silicone from both China and The USA. The wristbands can be produced here in The States or in China based on your preference. For more information on this, email us at 
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