Who doesn't love SWAG (Stuff We All Get)? Michael Scott clearly does. If you go to any type of event, whether it be a conference, concert, outing, seminar, summit, trade show, etc. you are more than likely going to be offered some free "swag."

As a company presenting at these types of events, you need to decide on the best "swag" item to offer to your potential customers. Silicone wristbands are the perfect product for these types of events. They can be completely customized to match your company's colors, logos, fonts, etc. Their low cost makes them an affordable "giveaway" product. And they are a fashionable item that your audience will wear and promote. 

If your business is looking to receive a free design proof of a wristband for your next event please contact us at info@wristbandbros.com or try designing them yourself by clicking here: https://www.wristbandbros.com/products/wristbands
co-founded Wristband Bros . He has worked with many charities & small businesses to help them make custom wristbands and more for special events. Wristband Bros is a division Merchbro and based in New York, NY.