If you coach or play for a school sports team your summer is probably coming to a close with practice sessions and camps right around the corner. We've been receiving a lot of requests for custom team sport silicone wristbands. So we've put together a few helpful tips to successful utilize custom silicone wristbands for your sports team. 

1. Order Early! 
We know once the season starts you'll be very busy with school, homework, practice, and most importantly the games so we recommend ordering before the season starts. This way everyone on the team will have them for the first game. 

2. Team Fundraisers 
Looking to raise money for new uniforms or new equipment? Custom team silicone wristbands are great for fund raising. Sell them at your games, pep rallies, and around town to raise money and also to promote the team!

3. Team Colors and Logos
Let us know what your team colors are so we can perfectly match the silicone wristband colors. We can also imprint the team's mascot or logo onto the wristband. 

4. Playoff Rally Wristbands
As Boston sports fans, we've had a lot of playoff slogans to rally behind our teams-- Cowboy Up, Reverse The Curse, Keep The Faith, etc. Add your team's slogan or motto to a custom silicone wristband to have for the playoffs when you need the support of your fans the most!

5. Commemorate a Championship Season
Did your team win the big game? Commemorate the season with custom silicone wristbands that include the team name, the date or year of the season, etc.  

We have plenty of sports related graphics in our online wristband designer. Check them out here and design your team's next wristband!  https://www.wristbandbros.com/products/wristbands
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