Going alone to the movies. Eating dinner by yourself. Not having a gym buddy. Living on your own and befriending your lamp that looks, somewhat, like a duck. 

What I'm trying to say is simply this: It is a fact universally acknowledged that one is less than two. 

How, oh Sultan of Silicone, does this have anything to do with me and my wristband project?

I've got 2 (obviously) words for you:

Dual Layer.

The dual layer wristband has a bright, smoothly colored exterior and a completely different colored interior. Here is a photo example:

The exterior (purple in above photo) is machine painted with an oil spray ink that leaves an ultra smooth finish. The finish is so smooth, you won't even believe it's been sprayed on. Instead, it looks like two layers of different colored silicone pressed together. And this finish is super resistant to wear. Your wristband will look fresh as a newborn baby for as long as you wear it. 

You might also notice the lettering in the exterior message is the same color as the interior silicone. That's because as we deboss the exterior, the true silicone color is allowed to sneak it's way through the oil spray finish. Your message becomes easy to read and looks great without any more additional inks. But if you were feeling a little bit nutty, we could certainly color in your message with an additional ink color, too!

If you want your wristband to be original and truly pop, inquire about our dual layer silicone wristbands today.


co-founded Wristband Bros . He has worked with many charities & small businesses to help them make custom wristbands and more for special events. Wristband Bros is a division Merchbro and based in New York, NY.