Limits. Nobody likes them. The "limits" main objective in life is to cut you off when you so obviously want to go just a wee bit further. 

So we here at Wristband Bros declare that today and everyday, nothing is off limits. Think your logo is too complicated, the coloration too detailed to properly print?

Think again! Welcome to the world of CMYK full color print:

Don't let the other companies limit you to 20 characters to a side or a list of lame fonts and colors. If they tell you they can't print your logo or art, it's likely we can. At Wristband Bros, we'd say the sky's the limit, except we know we can take you even higher than that.

Contact us with your challenging wristband project today!

Check this link out fur a full explanation on CMYK:

co-founded Wristband Bros . He has worked with many charities & small businesses to help them make custom wristbands and more for special events. Wristband Bros is a division Merchbro and based in New York, NY.