Let's face it, people. Getting someone to part with their hard earned cash is tough sledding. Your non-profit might have the greatest cause in the world, but that doesn't guarantee financial solvency. 

First, a fact: 2.2% of the Average American's pay is donated to charity. This means your cause is fighting for $2.20 of every 100 dollars your donor makes.  

Here's some good news: 2.2% is actually a pretty high number. I know, you're thinking, "Sean, it certainly doesn't sound like much." But if you analyze it more,  and do a little arithmetic, you'll arrive at this:

The average American makes 19,500 dollars a year in take-home pay. 2.2% of this is $429.

Now $429 sounds like a number we can work with. After all, you're likely only asking for $5 for a wristband or $15 for a t-shirt.

Now that we're feeling better about ourselves, here is our tip of the day for maximizing your slice of this donation pie:

Don't shoot the messenger, but the better looking a person is, the more money he or she will raise. I know, I know. Looks shouldn't matter. But unfortunately they do. A study at East Carolina University reveals that a person rated a 6, going door to door, will raise only 1 dollar for every 2 dollars a person rated a 9 will raise. In other words, the 9 raises 100% more money than a 6.

This phenomenon is driven pretty much entirely by one interaction: a beautiful girl approaching a man. Handsome men don't make more money from women. Sorry guys...I guess we're all dogs?

So if you're looking for one quick way to raise your profits, it's time to get superficial!

PS: I feel bad/sad that the above advice is true...just for the record.

-Hat tip to Freakonomics for some of the info used in this blog post.

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