Silicone Wristband
There are four main print types in the silicone wristband industry: debossed, debossed and ink-filled, embossed and screen printed. You'll find these terms across all the major wristband production websites. If you're about to purchase silicone wristbands for the first time, this article will help you decide the proper print type for your project.

Debossed wristbands have the design stamped into the rubber. It looks as if the letters were pressed-in or engraved. For a popular example most people will recognize, think "LiveStrong." Their iconic yellow fundraising wristband used "debossed" printing. This type of printing is generally the least expensive, so it is perfect for fundraisers that have a keen eye trained on their bottom line.

Debossed and ink-filled wristbands have recently become the most popular wristband type. These wristbands are first debossed (pressed-in) and then this area is filled with an ink. Once the ink drys, the wristband is left with an eye-catching look that merges color contrast and depth that is unmatched in terms of visual appeal. Most wristbands worn for fashion purposes will employ this style. Walk through any high school in America, and you'll see dozens of debossed and ink-filled wristbands on your way through the halls.

Screen-printed wristbands have their design printed flat on to the silicone. Imagine your favorite graphic tee. Now imagine that design made small and printed neatly on a wristband. This print type is great for a complicated design with small detail that may not be possible to deboss.

Embossed wristbands are the opposite of debossed wristbands. The design, instead of being stamped in, is set out in relief of the wristband. Like braille, you can run your fingers over your design and feel it rise from the surface. This print type is not quite as common as debossed printing, but it serves the same general purpose. Your wristband will display your message in an understated way.

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