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After watching our close personal friend (who we have never actually met or communicated directly with in any way) Ed Sheeran perform at the Grammy's, I decided we had to feature some custom Ed Sheeran wristbands we produced last summer. These blue babies were sold as official Ed Sheeran merchandise on his tour:

Ed Sheeran wristband made from blue silicone rubber and featuring dog paw print

As with everything he touches these days, the wristbands were a huge success. He sold tens of thousands of them. Maybe you're reading this right now with the wristband on your wrist...

And if that's the case, I know you won't mind us throwing in the video of Ed's amazing Grammy performance (with a little help from John Mayer):

For some reason there isn't a high quality video of the performance anywhere online. But I felt I should still link the above version. Such an amazing performance by both artists.

Merchbro isn't just custom t-shirts and hoodies. We sell wristbands, too.

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