Customer Feature: #EvanUnited Wristbands

#evanunited wristbands worn on a wrist

Wristband Bros recently had the pleasure of working with Stephanie McKeever on a wristband to support and raise awareness for her son, Evan. Evan was born with special needs, which really just means he’s an amazing and special person. He’s been a star in his family from the very beginning.

Evan is currently facing a large challenge in his young life. He has been diagnosed with cancer. Unsurprisingly, it’s been a tough journey, not just for him, but for his family and all those that care about him. Stephanie made the #EvanUnited wristbands as a small reminder to remain strong during this difficult time. She documents some of her family’s trials and tribulations while dealing with Evan’s illness on her blog Mostly E and Me.


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