Die Cut Wristbands Explained

Die Cut Wristband: A silicone wristband with custom shaped edges, creating a uniquely shaped custom product. These edges often accentuate the text or artwork design of the wristband.

Wristband Bros Spin Zone:

Die cut is a pretty alarming term. Think about it. Both words are pretty darn scary. I don’t want to die. That much I know for sure. And cut? Please don’t. So how in the world did such scary, demonic words ever become part of the silicone swag game?

Let’s be honest. You’re a little bit curious about these so-called die cut wristbands now, aren’t you?

willy wonka asking the children if they want to see how candy is made

So what exactly does die cut mean?

Die cut is an old industry term and it’s used for many types of custom manufacturing. A metal die–think cookie cutter—is used to ensure each and every wristband is formed into the exact same custom shape. So we don’t end up with 100 hand-made custom heart bracelets that all look a little different, we use the mold die and make every wristband from the same pre-made metal shape. This keeps costs down and is an effective way to ensure a consistent product.

custom die cut wristband made for Rhino

Look at that die cut wristband masterpiece! Pretty darn cool. And unique. So much so that I want to buy one right now… Stop it! You’re here to sell these, you fool! Oh yes, of course. You should buy some of these, dear reader. And you can do so right here!