Gel Wristbands Explained

Gel wristband: A wristband made from silicone rubber and commonly used to raise awareness for charitable causes or to promote a business, brand, band or event.

Wristband Bros Spin Zone:

Gel wristbands? I don’t get it… Is it like hair gel? Is it pronounced with a soft g or a hard one? Is it like a sea gull, but sea gel? This is all so very confusing!

monster confused by rubik's cube

Wipe that sad and perplexing look off your face, reader from Planet Internet! Wristband Bros is here to save the intellectual day!

So what exactly is a gel wristband?

A gel wristband is the same as a rubber wristband, or silicone wristband. Or rubber bracelets of awareness bracelet… The point is, “gel wristband” is just another way of saying custom silicone wristband. You know the kind… Like the ones we sell all over our website:

mayday parade custom gel wristband

So there you have it. All this time you thought gel wristbands were this exotic bird only found at the bottom of deep, mystic and hard to find caves. But in reality you could always just design them here!