Jelly Wristbands Explained

Jelly wristband: A wristband made from silicone rubber, commonly 1/4″ or 1/2″ wide, often with a logo or message customized onto the surface.

Wristband Bros Spin Zone:

With so many terms that all mean the same thing, it’s easy to get confused when dealing with custom silicone bracelets. I mean, come on. Jelly bracelets? Those better come with peanut butter or I will be very upset!

zach from the hangover acting quite upset

Calm down, calm down! I’ll explain it all in just one teeny, tiny moment.

Awaiting moment… Ah, here it is:

So what exactly is a jelly wristband?

Jelly wristbands are simply silicone rubber wristbands with a different name. Shocking, I know, right? These wristbands are usually 1/2″ or 1/4″ inch thick. We reckon they got their name because the skinnier you make a silicone wristband, the more it wiggles. You know…. Like jelly!

group of jelly wristbands of varying colors

I’m glad we’ve got that cleared up! Now why not make some custom jelly wristbands of your own?