Flat Printed Wristbands Explained

Flat Printed wristband: A silicone wristband with a logo or message that is printed flat on the surface of the wristband. These messages are glossy and smooth to the touch.

So what are the benefits of flat printed wristbands?

There are a couple of key advantages to going with the flat print. Firstly, you can get much more detail in your print than with our other print methods. There can be color gradients, which is not possible with debossed and ink fill. It’s also possible to use this printing method on the interior of the wristband, which provides greater visibility for an internal message than your standard embossing would.

Flat printed wristbands are also available to be printed right here in the good ol’ USA.

printed wristband made for siren labs

So that’s that. Sometimes the world really is flat. Particularly when the world you’re talking about is flat printed wristbands. Speaking of which, why not create some printed wristbands of your own today?