The WristbandBros Web Friends Program

Wristband Bros Web Friends program with two computers in love

WristbandBros is committed to building a community of business partners that are more than just customers, but true friends. And friends deserve a discount. How does 25% off an initial order and 10% off every order for the rest of time sound?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here’s a quick summary of your three easy steps to instant savings:

  1. Link to our website.
  2. Share the link with us.
  3. Receive your discounts and never pay full price again!

Sounds simple enough, right? Now here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Link to our website.

Wristband Bros Friends & Family link program

Your website or blog creates a new post mentioning The post should link your readers to our website. The form and manner of this link is up to you, but here are some quick copy-and-paste suggestions:

<a href="">wristbands</a>
<a href="">bracelets</a>
<a href="">Wristband Bros</a>
<a href="">custom wristbands</a>
<a href="">custom bracelets</a>
<a href="">make your own</a>

You don’t have to use one of the above links. Feel free to create your own link to our site. Please be sure to direct the link back to our homepage ( Once done, Wristband Bros and your website are officially friends!

Step 2 – Share the link with us.

wristbandbros web friends program submission form

Once the link is live on your site, fill out this quick three question form. We just need your name, email and a link to the link.

Step 3 – Receive Your Web Friends Discount

discoutns are good as money means smiles

Once your link is verified, one of our representatives will send you a promo code worth 25% off your next order, up to a discount value of $100. We’ll also send you a second promo code worth 10% off all future orders. It will be good for as long as the link is live on your page!

And that’s that! Link to us, save like a bajillion dollars. Everybody wins!

To make sure you qualify, please review our Terms & Conditions.