Web Friends Terms & Conditions

Partnership requirements: You, the customer, must possess publishing power on an independent website or blog. Generally speaking, this does not include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine or any other common social media platforms. It would include blog platforms like Tumblr and WordPress. Some exceptions can be made to this policy. Please contact us if you’d like further information. Your discount is valid for the life of the partnership, ie as long as the link to WristbandBros.com exists on your site or blog.

The website or blog you publish on must be at least 60 days old . Links from websites or blogs created specifically to take advantage of this promotion will not be accepted. If your website is less than 60 days old but was created legitimately and for a reason unrelated to this promotion, the link will be allowed after verification of these facts.

This discount is based on our listed website pricing. It can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. All orders must be placed directly on the website, using the special promo codes we provide.

The discounts are reliant on special promo codes. These codes are only created once the link is live on your website or blog. A discount can be applied retroatively, but only within 48 hours of the original purchase.