Did you miss me? Because I sure did miss you, loyal reader. I've got another four wristbands of 2013 to show off, complete with links to the wonderful clients we produced them for. But before I do that, an original joke never told before that is probably the single greatest new joke ever:

What do ducks eat for breakfast?

Quacker Oatmeal! HA!

Soo...Anyways...Without further adieu, 4 more silicone legends to feast your eyes on:

Hot Hearts Global Rubber Wristband

What a cool looking Hot Hearts Global wristband.

Kickboxing Silicone Rubber Wristband

Who loves kickboxing? I Love Kickboxing!

Hunter Hayes Silicone Rubber Wristband

This Hunter Hayes wristband received GLOWING reviews!

Halo Dance For Autism Rubber Wristband

A Halo wristband to benefit autism research.

This was just Part 2 of our 2013 Wristband Review Series. Parts 3-9 million bazillion soon!

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