Charity Giving By Location

The darker the green, the higher the stacks of cash.

When you're running an online charity, it's important to spend every dollar wisely. If you're running online ads through Google Adwords or Facebook, they allow you to target your ads based on location. But how can you predict the charitable giving of one location versus another?

That is where this awesomely comprehensive tool from comes in for an enormous, super-crazy, hyper-spectacular assist.

If you click the tool link above (or on the pretty map), you'll be able to utilize itemized charitable deduction data that extracted directly from the IRS to show you not only which states gave the most, but which counties, zip codes and towns! It's an incredibly robust tool, breaking down the data into income brackets to see which types of people tended to give the most in any one particular area.

Even if you're not advertising online, this tool gives you great insight into the propensity to give for people in your area. So use the data to sharpen your Google Adwords of Facebook Ads swords or plan your fundraising event for the town over next time. However you plan on using the data, the old adage holds true: Knowledge is power.

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