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💡 What You’ll Learn: How wristbands can help raise awareness for important causes.

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We have a big soft spot for our four-legged friends here at Wristband Bros. Our logo is modeled after our founder’s childhood dog JD. He was a beautiful friend who was more human than most people, if you can believe that. Simply put – Dogs are the best. With that in mind, this particular cause caught our eye and we’re eager to share it with you.

Did you know ALS doesn’t just affect humans?

It’s true. Dogs are susceptible to this horrible disease. too. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) is the canine version of ALS, a disease that many of us have become more familiar with over the past few years thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

At the 10,000 foot view, DM is a progressive nervous system disease that slowly causes loss of muscle control. Unfortunately, there is no known cure. But in canines it may be preventable. There are many research studies looking into this possibility, and the on-going studies have been beneficial to both dogs and humans.

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Race to #ShadeOutDM

Shade Out DM is an organization working to raise awareness for both the canine and human versions of ALS.

Currently, over 100 breeds of dogs are susceptible to DM. Some breeds are extremely prone to it, like Corgis who have 63% chance of carrying at-risk genes. The good part is that this disease is 100% preventable if breeders choose to make well educated and careful breeding decisions.

Shade Out DM uses wristbands to help promote their organization and raise the profile of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Their team wears them while handing them out to their supporters at events.

By raising awareness, #ShadeOutDM hopes to educated breeders and veterinarians on how to better prevent this disease. They host several yearly events, like their Virtual Race to #ShadeOutDM to help further their cause.

With a little luck, our four-legged friends may just help us find a cure for ALS. At the very least, they’ll be by our sides every step of the way.

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