Cancer Ribbon Colors Explained

breast cancer ribbon on football

If you watched any football games this past Sunday, you undoubtably saw a whole heck of a lot of pink. That’s because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The NFL is one of the largest supporters–visually yes, financially, not so much–of Breast Cancer Awareness. They’ve got pink towels and pink gloves and shoes. All that pink got me thinking… What color is that, exactly?

I mean, obviously it’s pink. But what specific shade? Well… The answer to that proved a little underwhelming. (Hint: It’s pink.)

As unsatisfying as pink turning out to be pink was, it did do one thing. It spurned on the creation of this very text. Being in the custom wristband business, cancer ribbon colors come up quite a bit. It made sense for us to put together a blog explaining these colors. And as an extra little tidbit, we’ve added a Cancer Ribbon Colors Vector Pack, free for your download and unlimited use.

Hooray! But, wait? Where is it? Read down to the bottom and score the vector pack for your efforts!

Cancer Ribbon Colors & Other Support Ribbons

AIDS cancer ribbon color in red

Red Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 485 C

Hex Code: #e2231a

RGB: 226, 35, 26

And The Causes It Supports:

Heart Disease , HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse are the three main causes. It is also used for vasculitis awareness and epidermolysis bullosa awareness.

Purple Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 2593 C

Hex Code: #823794

RGB: 130, 55, 148

And The Causes It Supports:

The color purple is an extremely popular ribbon color for awareness causes. It’s main causes are Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s/Colitis, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer and domestic violence awareness. It is meant to signify survivors of cancer, as well. Less common (but equally important) causes would be: ADD/ADHD Awareness, Craniosynostosis – Craniofacial, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease , gastric cancer, Gynecologic cancer and many more. For a full list, head here.

the color purple cancer ribbon

cancer ribbon color gray on transparent background

Gray Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 423 C

Hex Code: #8a8b8c

RGB: 138, 139, 140

And The Causes It Supports:

The gray ribbon is used to raise awareness for brain cancer, diabetes, asthma and borderline personality disorder

Pink Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 232 C

Hex Code: #ff3399

RGB: 239, 63, 169

And The Causes It Supports:

The pink ribbon has done an amazing job helping to raise awareness for breast cancer. But did you know it is also used for abdominal cancer?

pink cancer ribbons color

cervical cancer awareness ribbon in colors teal and white

Teal & White Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 320 C & White

Hex Code: #009ca6 & #ffffff

RGB: 239, 63, 169 & 255, 255, 255

And The Causes It Supports:

This two-toned ribbon is colored in teal and white. If you see the colors combined on one ribbon, you’re likely looking at a cervical cancer awareness ribbon.

Dark Blue Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 288 C

Hex Code: #231f20

RGB: 35, 31, 32

And The Causes It Supports:

The dark blue ribbons are used for child abuse awareness and colon cancer. If you see a hybrid dark blue with black, it’s likely in support of a police-related cause.

ribbon color of dark blue

color of gold wristband to raise awareness for childhood cancer

Gold Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 139 C

Hex Code: #b26d00

RGB: 178, 109, 0

And The Causes It Supports:

If you see this distinctive gold ribbon, you’re learning about childhood cancer and, hopefully, ways in which you can help.

Green Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 355 C

Hex Code: #00953a

RGB: 0, 149, 58

And The Causes It Supports:

The green colored ribbons support a lot of different causes. The two largest causes are depression and the environment. It also supports Lyme disease awareness, Tourette Syndrome awareness, kidney cancer, organ donation and many more worthwhile causes.

green colored awareness ribbon

ribbon in the color of yellow

Yellow Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone Yellow C

Hex Code: #ffdd00

RGB: 255, 221, 0

And The Causes It Supports:

Yellow ribbons raise awareness for two main causes, one specific and one more general. Suicide Awareness campaigns will often use the yellow ribbon. The yellow ribbon color is also used to raise awareness for cancer in general, rather than any one specific type of cancer.

Orange Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 158 C

Hex Code: #e87722

RGB: 232, 119, 34

And The Causes It Supports:

The orange-colored ribbon supports hunger awareness causes. See Feeding America for example. It also is used to draw attention to leukemia, multiple sclerosis, and ADHD.

orange colored awareness ribbon

white colored ribbon

White Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone: None (white)

Hex Code: #ffffff

RGB: 255, 255, 255

And The Causes It Supports:

White invokes the idea of cleanliness. Let your mind wander to clean air and pretty soon you land on lungs. The white ribbon is used to raise awareness for lung cancer. This ribbon can also be clear or pearl in color.

Black Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone Black C

Hex Code: #000000

RGB: 0, 0, 0

And The Causes It Supports:

Black colored ribbons are used for periods of mourning. They are also used to raise awareness for melanoma and sickle cell disease.

black colored awareness ribbon

maroon colored ribbon

Maroon Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 228 C

Hex Code: #8d0b56

RGB: 141, 11, 86

And The Causes It Supports:

The maroon colored wristband is used to raise awareness for multiple myeloma, a condition that effects the cells inside your bones. Learn more about it here.

Teal Ribbon Color Info…

Pantone 320 C

Hex Code: #009ca6

RGB: 0, 156, 166

And The Causes It Supports:

Teal colored ribbons are used for the support of ovarian cancer. It’s also used to support anxiety disorder awareness, gynecological cancer awareness and any other important causes. See the full list here.

teal colored awareness ribbon


And that’s all, folks!

All of the common cancer ribbon colors, their color information and a brief synopsis on the causes they cover. I hope you’ve learned something. Bye now!

I kid, I kid. Here’s the ribbon colors vector pack we promised!

Awareness Ribbon Vector Pack (pdf)

Now really… Buh-bye!

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