Free Ideas: Fitness Edition

We’ve made a few wristbands. Over ten million in fact. And our experience has taught us that people enjoy wearing wristbands even more if there’s a message attached to them. That’s all well and good for those of you who already have catchy slogans or fun marketing campaigns, but sometimes coming up with creative and fun messages can be tough! Don’t fret, we’ve done some thinking for those of you in the fitness realm. Feel free to use these strokes of genius:

Aspire to Perspire

Bank some Sweat-quity

Yearn to Burn

Workout Don’t Twerk-out

What would The Rock do?

Burn Some Cal Ripkens

Lift Weight to Feel Great

Health is Wealth… Kinda.

Make Your Body Great Again

If you ain’t sweatin’ you ain’t tryin’.


Get Healthy or Cry Trying

Earn Your Beers

Gymin’ is Winnin’


Excuses Burn Zero Calories

Sweat. Smile. Repeat.

Better Sore Than Sorry

Sweat is Your Fat Crying

Hustle Builds Muscle

Move It to Lose It

Of course, we can produce almost anything you can dream up, so get creative and start designing your custom wristbands.