Band Bracelets Explained

Band Bracelet: A wide silicone bracelet, usually either 3/4″ or 1″ thick, that was made popular by bands on music tours such as Bamboozle, Warped Tour and The Rock Star Energy Tour.

Wristband Bros Spin Zone:

Little known fact: One of our founders used to manage bands professionally. It’s sort of how we got on our way in this business. We created band bracelets for his music acts. These thicker wristbands have wider faces than the traditional fundraising bracelet, allowing for a bolder message. Bands love them for that… And of course for their extremely attractive wholesale price point.

what did you say, band bracelet, gif of will farrel

So I can see you’re still a little confused / wondering if I’m a crazy person. That’s okay. I’ll explain myself, post-haste!

So what are band bracelets, exactly?

Band bracelets were made popular by Wristband Bros–and sure, by bands like Paramore, too–in the mid-to-later part of last decade. They are usually found in abundance on the arms of high schoolers. Their wide silicone face allows for greater creative design, something bands truly love in a cheap merch product. Check out this one we did for Mayday Parade:

mayday parade band bracelet

Pretty simple, right? Band bracelets are awesome, designer-friendly silicone wristbands made by Wristband Bros for music bands. Speaking of which… If you’re in a band, why not create a band bracelet!