Embossed Wristbands Explained

Embossed wristband: A silicone wristband with a logo or message that is raised out of the surface of the wristband, as if the message or logo were in relief.

Wristband Bros Spin Zone:

Embossed? What the heck does that mean? Well, my weary wanderer of the web, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a living producing the sickest silicone swag on the planet. We’re, what you might call, “embossed experts.”

dr. watson looking confused

So I can see you’re still a little confused / wondering if I’m a crazy person. That’s okay. I’ll explain myself, post-haste!

So what exactly does embossed mean?

If you were holding an embossed wristband in your hand right now, you could slide your finger over it and feel the message extending outward out of the wristbands surface. It’s like the surface of the wristband is Madison Avenue and the message is all the really tall buildings:

embossed wristband made for the joy to life organization

Pretty simple, right? Embossed lettering is raised lettering. Time to celebrate you new-found knowledge by raising the roof. And then maybe designing an embossed wristband of your own!