Memory Bracelets Explained

If you’ve arrived here, you’re wondering what memory bracelets are. This subset of rubber bracelets is used for many different reasons.

Memory Bracelet: Silicone rubber bracelets designed to commemorate moments in time, people or places.

The memory bracelet has a lot of uses. If you had a great time on a school trip to Zimbabwe, for instance, you can remember that trip by ordering up some Zimbabwe 2015 memory bracelets. I’ve designed one here for giggles:

Zimbabwe memory bracelet

These bracelets can also be used to memorialize an event – Red Sox world series, for example – or a person you’d like to remember. Basically, if you want a daily reminder of something, someone or anything important to you than this is your product.

If you’re interested in having your peers think you’re a GENIUS and creating an immediate reminder of something important on your wrist, start customizing your bracelets today!