Military Bracelets Explained

Members of the military, veterans, family and friends of the military are often in need of items to raise awareness or fundraise. Rubber military bracelets are a low cost solution that can be worn in support.

Military Bracelets: Silicone rubber bracelets designed for active military members or veterans with the goal of supporting, raising awareness or memorializing.

These bracelets can also be used to support any and all branches of the military – the Air Force, for example – or a specific solider or event you’d like to remember.

When it comes to creating a military bracelet you have many options. You can choose any wristband color you want, even camouflage. And with tons of fonts and ink colors to choose from you can be sure to create the perfect design.

Here are some ideas you can include in your design:
“Support Our Troops”
Branch of the Military’s Name
Branch of the Military’s Logo or Symbol
Solider’s Name
Solider’s Motto or Slogan

PRO TIP: Choose the font BLACK OPS to achieve a simliar design to the bracelet pictured below.

military bracelets

If you’re interested in supporting the military, start customizing your military bracelets today!