Party Wristbands Explained

Party Wristbands: A silicone wristband designed for use as a party favor or as entry into a party or event. Typically designed using bright colors and exciting fonts in varying sizes.

Wristband Bros Spin Zone:

You’ve hired the entertainment, the caterer, invites have been sent out – you are ready to party. But wait! You forgot about party favors. What cool, low cost item can you give your guests to remember your epic party? Party Wristbands, duh!.

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So I can see you’re feeling better after that panic attack you just had. But now you’re asking yourself what should the wristband design look like? Don’t worry we can help with that too.

So what are party wristbands, exactly?

Party Wristbands are given out at parties as favors to your guests or as a “ticket” for entry to your party to be worn by each atendee. Party Wristbands can be made in any size – ultra thin, classic, wide, ultra wide or die cut. We recommend if the party has a name to make that the feature of the design.

Other pertinent design items that you should think about including:

-Event Date
-Venue Name
-Guest of Honor’s Name
-Party clip art

birthday party wristbands

Pretty simple, right? Party Wristbands are awesome, designer-friendly silicone wristbands made by Wristband Bros for your next soiree! Speaking of which… If you’re having a party soon, why not create a party wristband!