Breaking Down Charity Event Spending In A Tidy Infographic

I came across this infographic while surfing the world wide web. The image was quite an interesting read. And that doesn’t even include wondering what horrible thing may have happened to the roll of toilet paper they featured in the middle panel. (Scroll and check at your own risk).

As a custom wristband company, charities are one of our main customer bases. We sell customized wristbands for events all the time. So it’s great to hear that 50% of all charities hold these events. We’d like to see that number at closer to 90%, but we won’t pout too much. At least not in front of you. I’ll find a quiet corner once I’m done writing this blog.

Fundraising Event Infographic From Maximillion

infographic breaking down charity event spending

I would liked to have seen a pie chart break down for expenses for each type of event, so hopefully Maximillion plans on creating more of these. For the running events, you forget some of those smaller costs: The renting the port-a-potty, the racing number bibs, all the barricades and start/finish/distance signage. With all that said and done, 48% of money raised going to the cause is pretty good. The other 52% is spent bringing a community of people together and raising a whole lot of awareness. That awareness turns into donations down the road, which tilts the scales in the events favor even further.

Graphic from the fine people at