Is Your Event Protected From Rampaging Porta Potties?

Hold the line! Hold the line!

Not since 1776 has a group of rag-tag men and women been outnumbered, outclassed and outgunned like what we just witnessed in that video. And like the Minutemen of lore, those Canadian fundraisers faced down the tide of porta potty aggression and held firm. They would not give an inch even when those toilets (hopefully devoid of human occupants) came barreling toward them like a runaway freight train filled with poo.

It happened during the Ride To Conquer Cancer event in British Columbia. As far as I can gather, no one was hurt. That means it’s okay to laugh. Denise Hutchings Scott, to whom we owe the miraculous footage, commented on her Facebook page that she is now one of the few in this world that can truly claim to have, “survived a sh*tstorm.”

And thank goodness for that!

No porta potties were harmed in the production of this video.