Second Servings Helps Feed Houston’s Hungry

Chef preparing meals for Second Servings of houston and the area's hungry

Watch the video on ABC 13’s website here.

Has there ever been a bigger no-brainer on planet Earth than Second Servings of Houston?

The non-profit has a pretty simple mission: to turn previously wasted leftovers from hotels, events, banquets and restaurants into much-needed meals for the hungry residents of Houston. And not icky leftovers scraped off plates. These are chef-prepared meals that were never served. In other words, it’s perfectly good food that had previously been earmarked for the dump. And now it’s heading into someone’s stomach. Someone in need of nutrition help that might otherwise go without a meal at all.

Just one Hilton hotel in the area donates 600+ lbs of food a month. Chicken breast, risotto, sauteed veggies… This isn’t a donation of Lunchables. It’s quality food prepared by great chefs, donated daily to those who need it most.

Second Servings is a non-profit that’s doing a simple thing, but it’s hugely important. About 1 in 6 people in America today are hungry. 31% of prepared commercial food is going to waste. All you need to do is run the math to see how vital this non-profit is and will continue to be. I expect Second Servings will grow from Houston and the surrounding area to other major cities in America. The concept is too good to not grow from here.

Donate to Second Servings here.