Yes Sir! Wristbands Inspire Bills… Sort Of

Oh, Rex Ryan. The lovable, tough-luck former coach of the NY Jets and current top man at Buffalo has a problem: His team commits a billion penalties per game. And in the game of football, there is nary a bigger sin then committing a stupid penalty. On the shame meter, it’s the nearest thing to a turnover as it gets.

So in the week leading up to the Bills clash with the Tennessee Titans, Rexy made eliminating dumb penalties a priority. Aside from drilling this mantra in during practice and meetings, he made one super-important and extremely smart decision.

The coach ordered silicone wristbands saying Yes Sir:

yes sir wristbands handed out to Bills from Rex Ryan

So what was the result?

With the power of silicone, I think it’s safe to assume the Bills went penalty free…

Or they lined up offsides on the opening kickoff and Rex Ryan snapped his wristband in anger before the first quarter was even over.

Yup, that one.

Image from Mike Rodak of