Wise Dreamers Promote Their Brand With Wristbands

custom silicone wristband with the words Wise Dreamers

💡 What You’ll Learn: How your brand can be elevated with wristbands.

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The world of fashion is always moving in new directions. It can be tough, and oftentimes expensive, to keep up with the trends. However, people want to look good and feel good, so they’re willing to pay for it. The result can be astronomical prices. This often leads to the less fortunate missing out on the latest trends. We are happy to work with a clothing company that is reversing that idea, and that company is…

The Wise Dreamers.

Wise Dreamers is a high-quality clothing brand promoting a message of self-empowerment amongst all people. By providing today’s latest trends at affordable prices, they are working to support those of every class. Their ultimate mission is to embrace those who believe that “they don’t belong” or that they are “nothing” through the medium of fashion. 

This exciting, new clothing company was founded in 2019 by Weston Dowell. After going through some traumatic years in his early 20’s, Weston felt like he was going down the wrong path. He had succumbed to the mindset that he was nothing and treated himself accordingly. But after an eye-opening hospitalization in 2018, Weston swore to himself that he would no longer accept this perception of himself. He wanted to be a better man for his son, his sister and his community. He began to allow positive thoughts into his life and set “wise dreams.” 

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Since that time, Weston’s life has prospered. He’s been able to accomplish things that give his life a new purpose. One of those accomplishments was starting a company of his own that has the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. 

With the Wise Dreamers project, Weston aims to help those who have succumbed to the perception of life he once had. By combining this mission with his love for high-quality clothing, Weston has created something meaningful that will allow him to give back.

“None of this would have happened if I didn’t change my perception that I was nothing and that I was going to become nothing. We want to show people that they can have a change in their lives for the better if they choose to allow for positive thoughts towards their life choices and goals!”

-Weston Dowell, Founder of Wise Dreamers

… And about those wristbands.

Wristbandbros was happy to work with Wise Dreamers to create custom wristbands that they use to support their brand. The design features their company name and the Wise Dreamers tagline, “you can have anything in this world when you dream wisely.”

Pictured: Our classic 1/2″ wristband in Purple 2587 with debossed, white lettering.

These wristbands are part of their accessory bundle for purchase, but they also use these wristbands during promotional events and pop-up shops. With these wristbands they are inspiring others, as well as each other, to be the best versions of themselves. We are happy to work with people who love what they do and who are so driven to make a difference.

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