Awareness wristbands on the game’s biggest stage!

We may still be rivals (Go Pats! We’re still not over Super Bowl 52…), but we can’t help but have respect for what the Eagles have accomplished over these past few years. That includes their off-the-field initiatives which are arguably more impactful than their recent football success.

One of those initiatives is the Eagles Autism Foundation, a nonprofit launched in 2018 to raise money and awareness for autism research.

Today, millions of people around the world are connected to autism. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 44 people under 21 living in the United States are on the autism spectrum, making it the fastest-growing developmental disorder. For Eagles owner and CEO Jeffrey Lurie, it is personal. With autism in his own family, Lurie knows his is just one of many families dealing with this condition and has seen firsthand the difference the right resources can make.

So far they’ve raised over $20 million through their various efforts, all of which is being reinvested into their cause and community.

The yearly Eagles Autism Challenge is among their bigger events, it’s part bike ride, 5k, and sensory walk, where teams fundraise to become eligible to participate.

Eagle’s cornerback Darius Slay was rocking the wristband above in support of one of the many teams partaking in the event.

Team Dominic’s Voice is lead by Lisa, a mother who participates in this event every year to raise awareness for the disorder that affects her son. You can help contribute to their team in the 2023 Challenge via this link.

We’re going to keep our eyes pealed to see if we can spot these wristbands in the big game next week. It always make us incredibly proud to see our products out in the world supporting causes that are important to so many people.

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