Behind the Bands: #COVIDSAFE21

Wristbands are a powerful tool for sharing a message. Obviously, over this past year pandemic safety has become an important part of everyday life. Now, with the vaccines rolling out, one of our customers is working to spread awareness and hope.

Olivia’s idea is simple. Once someone has been fully vaccinated (received 2 shots) they can reach out to her to receive their #COVIDSAFE21 wristband.

She hopes that as more and more people get vaccinated they will wear the wristbands to help visualize the vaccine’s progress through their community, and spread hope that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing an end.

We love when wristbands are used to create a positive impact like this. And to take it one step further, she is doing this all for free.

Are you fully vaccinated? Get your #COVIDSAFE21 wristband by visiting

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