Can wristbands predict the Big Game?

The upcoming game on Sunday is looking like it will be one for the history books! This begs the question… who will hoist the trophy? It’s a story as old as time. A battle for the throne. Will the young phenom topple the GOAT? Let’s see what the wristbands tell us…

According to the order volume….

The Chiefs will win.

And if the wristbands are correct, it will be by a large margin with Chiefs-related wristbands having 3x the amount of orders than Bucs-related wristbands.

Quick side note, our personal favorite design was:

3 things you never mess with my WIFE, my KIDS, and THE CHIEFS

Editors Note: Our HQ is in Pawtucket, RI which is conveniently located in Patriots’ Nation. We cannot advise that you bet against Tom Brady.

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