Save The Pool Wristband Being Used To… Save The Pool, Duh!

save the pool wristbands with color filters

Custom wristbands are a great, low-cost item to raise awareness for all sorts of issues. Perhaps you’re raising money for a friend in need, or promoting your business or band. Or maybe, like Bethann from Niles, Ohio has done, they can be used to raise awareness for important local town causes. Bethann designed her wristbands to bring attention to the plight of their local pool, which has been closed this summer.

I remember the community pool where I grew up. It was an important social center. Family’s would spend many a summer day having fun with their kids and socializing with the rest of the community. It was an excellent resource in my town, and Bethann feels the exact same way about the Niles pool.

The crux of the issue is a lack of funding. There is grant money for this type of project, but there is only so much money to go around and that money is being allocated elsewhere. Bethann is rallying support for fixing and opening the pool so that the community can enjoy this valuable community asset before the summer is over.

save the pool wristband in yellow with red text

Bethann, we wish you luck in this endeavor and applaud you for being active in your community!

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