Buy Your Bulk Bracelets With Us. You’ll Be Happy You Did.

Wristband Bros logo, a company devoted to proving bulk bracelets to the masses

If you’re in the market for bulk bracelets, Wristband Bros knows you’ve got options. There are plenty of wholesale bracelet sites out there. And if you’re willing to look past pages and pages of negative reviews, you might even find a slightly better price.

But what you won’t find?

A dedicated sales team devoted to making sure your bulk bracelet order goes smoothly and arrives where it’s supposed to be, when it’s supposed to be. Whenever you order from Wristband Bros, one of our sales reps is tasked with keeping track of your order. If you’ve got an event, we’re sure to have noted it. And we guarantee delivery prior to your deadline, every time.

Now, of course, no one is perfect. In less than 1% of cases (based on order data from 2014), the bracelets are delayed. In the unlikely event this does happen, we’ve got your back. Check out our delivery guarantees blog here for more info.

So whether you’re ordering 100 bracelets for a fundraiser or you’re really ordering in bulk–100,000 bracelets for a national awareness campaign, for instance–Wristband Bros is the best choice you’ve got.

And our bracelets look pretty awesome, too:

bulk bracelets made for the band Paramore

That’s called a win-win!