Custom Wristbands For Musicians Of All Shapes And Sizes

music silicone wristbands

Whether you’re a drum teacher giving private studio lessons, the owner of your town’s go-to music supply store, or a band on the road, our custom silicone wristbands are for you.

“Explain yourself,” you demand with an outstretched finger pointed directly at my nose.

Calm down, please! All will be revealed!

For the drum teacher. Did your student just master the paradiddle and breeze through the introductory jazz book? Reward them with a wristband denoting their progress. You could order multiple designs to signify higher and higher progression. Turn our silicone wristbands into badges of music honor!

For the music shop owner. Advertise your shop with some low-cost counter swag. Sell the wristbands for a buck or two, or even hand them out for free with every purchase. Your shoppers will love to wear them and will soon be your best advertisers!

For the band on the road. I was in a band myself and no words are more important than these ones: merch table. Our custom silicone wristbands are the perfect high-margin item to juice up your profits at the end of every night. Your merch guy won’t know what to do with all that extra dough. (Pockets are only so big.)