So What Are Debossed and Ink Filled Wristbands, Anyway?

You might be trying to make a wristband purchase. I mean, why else would you be on our wonderful custom wristband site? We don’t have free coffee and candies like Bob’s Discount Furniture. So you must be here for the product. And for the layman, our product might be a little confusing.

Here’s the simplest explanation for debossed and ink filled:

Your wristband message is imprinted into the wristband and the imprint is then filled with an ink. That ink is left to dry, and the result is a recessed, glossy print that will last for the life of the wristband.

Here’s an example of debossed and ink filled in action:

wildcat lacross ink injected wristband in blue with a yellow message

In the above lacross wristband, a text font is stamped into the silicone and that stamped-in space is filled with an ink.

Here’s an example of a wristband that is debossed only. The stamped area is not filled with any inks:

debossed only wristbands in red and white

The price difference in these two print methods is small, but the overall effect it has on your message is huge. Debossed and ink filled is by far our most popular print method. So next time you’re designing an awesome wristband, make sure to add ink!