Green Day Wristband 3-Pack Looks Cooler Than The Other Side Of The Pillow

First off, does anyone still use, “Cooler than the other side of the pillow”? If not, I’m bringing it back. And secondly, this Green Day wristband 3-pack from Hot Topic is dripping so much awesomeness I darn near fainted when I saw it.

Green Day wristband 3-pack featuring Uno Dos Tre

You’ve got your pink band with screen printed Billie Joe, Tre Cool and that bassist guy with the hair. It’s the perfect Green Day wristband to wear when heading to the beach. Then you’ve got the Uno! Dos! Tre! wristband which is versatile in its coolness. School, work or play, UDT gets the job done. And of course, no collection is complete without the Green Day skull bracelet. You could not look better as you stalk up and down the cemetery in the middle of the night looking for vampires, demons, poltergeists and the like.

If all of a sudden you’re dreaming of a Greend Day concert, you’re sadly out of luck. They’ve got no tour dates planned. But that’s okay. This wristband three pack is almost as cool and exciting as a Green Day concert… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.