It’s Playoff Season – Here’s The Best Color Combinations For Your Favorite AFC Team.

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably looking for new ways to support your football team. So why not wristbands? Here’s a look at the best color combinations for the AFC teams still standing.

The New England Patriots

Let’s start with the favorite. They’re a classy silver, red and dark blue.

color swatches on wristband bros featuring patriots colors

The color codes highlighted above are pms 1795 (red), pms 281 (navy blue) and cool gray 3 (silver). Let’s see those colors at work:

go pats wristbands featuring blue, gray and red

The Houston Texans

The Texans have a similar color scheme as their playoff foes up in New England. They have a strong, dark blue and red:

wristband colors featuring texans blue and red

The color choices highlighted above are pms 1805 (red) and pms 281 (navy blue). Here they are on a wristband:

we are houston wristbands featuring dark red and blue

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The black and yellow is an iconic color scheme. Your best choices on our site are these:

wristband bros colors featuring black and yellow

Pretty simple color codes here. We’re using black and yellow (GASP!). Here are those colors at work:

black and yellow wristbands featuring the words defense

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are hot coming into the playoffs. The number 2 seed, they’re feeling good about themselves. And they look good in red and yellow.

color swatches on wristband bros featuring chiefs colors

The color codes being used are pms 1795 (red) and yellow 012. Here they are on a wristband:

chiefs wristbands in red and yellow saying be ready

That’s it for the AFC teams. We’ll feature the NFC playoff teams later this week! If you’d like to start designing your own football wristband, head here!