Our 3/4″ Wide Wristbands Are Perfect For Promoting Your Brand

three quarter inch wide wristbands in white and black

Our Ultra Wide Wristbands might be a little too much for some people. We get it. Not everyone is brash and loud. Some people like to fly a little more under the radar. But not too much. That’s where our 3/4″ silicone wristbands come in. They provide a little more space for your design than the classic fundraising wristband without being too over-the-top.

Want to create two lines of text stacked one on top of the other? You’ve got plenty of space with this wristband. Maybe your logo is detailed and can’t be ink filled on a classic half-inch band? Look no further than the 3/4″ wristband.

Check out some of our recent 3/4″ Silicone Wristband projects:

wide silicone wristbands in green and yellow

wide silicone wristbands in black and red

wide silicone wristbands in pink and white

wide silicone wristbands in green and black

wide silicone wristbands in orange and gray

Want to design one of your own? Get to it!